Make Hot-Cash Freelancing

If you want to make crazy figures starting your online business, then consider yourself lucky as you are about to know the secret Isaac Oladipupo and Davidson Kwesue used to pull thousands of dollars freelancing online.

I started my freelancing career 6 years back with zero knowledge about it, but my mindset was to go into it and cash out big

Fiverr was my first freelancing platform I exploit, but believe me, I was just there as a number. Don’t know what to do but still struggle on it, all I knew was that it’s not a pronzi scheme!

The first person that I knew who was into freelancing likewise charged me N10,000 to learn from him, Mhen! 10k where on earth should a SS2 student collecting N50 as food allowances daily get that?

I had no option than to leave it because I’ve no idea of how freelancing works and don’t have a penny to pay.

But until it happened that I went into YouTube watched a lot of videos, gather some information from Google. That was when I knew what freelancing was entirely, but still don’t know how to get started despite the videos and information I got.

“Don’t need to continuing watching YouTube video before you start making money from freelancing”

Stop watching YouTube video to learn freelancing and take note of every points that I will be sharing now.

As a freelancer, one of the most hard task is seeking for clients to pay for your services. and YouTube won’t teach you that.

Yes, YouTube is a platform to learn great things and starting a career, but not all important information will be shared

As a freelancer on Fiverr, Davidson has built his reputation, done several projects and make thousands on dollar on Fiverr alone

Helping young people understanding and scaling through the online journey is the priority, even though the road since rough and dirty, people still make crazy figures.


Module 1 – Introduction to freelancing

Module 2 – Creating a verifed fiverr account

Module 3 – Optimzing your fiverr profile

Module 4 – Creating a standard gigs

Module 5 – Ranking your gig and getting Orders

Module 6 – How to use the buyer request

Module 7 – Creating an approved Upwork account

Module 8 – Profile optimization

Module 9 – Crafting and sending Proposals

Module 10 – Handling interviews and getting jobs

Module 11 –  Withdraw any kind of funds to your local bank

Bonus: Search Engine Optimization course


Davidson Kwushue

He is a video editor who freelances on fiverr.

Isaac Oladipupo Ayomide

SEO Content writer on Upwork, worked with over 50 clients in the past 6 months


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